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The ever expanding club of wealthy, powerful Humanz intent on reaching Marz is one of a number of concerns facing MASA. In particular, the names of Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos causes the antenna of many a MASA employee to stiffen with angst, while others feel nothing but excitement and eager anticipation for the Humanz arrival.  So far nobody is certain, but it has been said on URTH that they will arrive on Marz in the next URTH decade or so…so the welcome party plans are in development, particularly by Roobi and her immediate circle of friends.


For now MASA keeps a watchful eye on their activities. Whether it be into orbit, off to the moon or making their way to MARZ – Professor Vimple is always checking. In particular, he wants to know what Elon Musk has been saying on Twitter, as he seems to be the leader of the pack when it comes to ‘making it to MARZ’ (a task Roobi loves to do for him.) It may take an Urth spacecraft  seven months or longer (one way) to get  anywhere near the Red Planet, but to the hawks this slow approach only adds to the sinister nature of the threat. You see, they know the day is coming for they don’t doubt the brilliance of Elon Musk – not one bit!  After all, MASA taps into Starlink for their own URTH connections to social media, as well as other top secret purposes most are kept ignorant of.  Due to this a deep appreciation and admiration for Mr. Musk is growing rapidly amongst many Marzians, urth day, by urth day.

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