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Given that Humanz are so far behind them with regards to technology, most Marzians view them as harmless ‘fun’. A large percentage of the population even admire humanz and follow their disorganized activities both on Urth and in space with amusement while others hold a less favorable view.

Maintaining invisibility is not enough for those Marzians who’ve convinced themselves that humanz are more than a mere bother; but a real nuisance! These ‘Hawks’ are particularly upset at the increasing number of spacecraft dispatched by Urth that target Marz. Yes, these flimsy box-kites proceed at glacial speed, but eventually they do get there and all have the same purpose – to examine things! An activity guaranteed to make some Marzians fume with anger.

Why are some angry? Well, because they sincerely believe these rovers represent, at best, a workable attempt at true planet exploration, BUT, at worst the beginnings of a full-blown invasion. Yes, most Marzian studies indicate Humanz won’t be able to launch any sizable invasion for centuries, but that isn’t the point! Not when some Urthlings are clearly hell-bent on getting to Marz faster! Making all of this worse is the humanz space junk crashing onto the Red Planet leaving a mess wherever they land or trundle. When it comes to being annoying, however, it is the thought of these backward bumpkins  sticking their stupid flags in the ground all over the place that really ‘gets on their antenna.’ It’s an outrage! Which is why the Marzian Government ended up establishing MASA:

Marz  Against  Space  Assault

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