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Culturally, the traditional Marzian way is to deal in facts, although several ‘creation’ myths do exist, some even being taught in school as part of a broader understanding of Marzian history, most of the time the Red Planet resolutely maintains a 1 + 1 = 2 attitude to existence. On the whole Marzians pay little attention to these ‘old stories’, but a small number of devotees think otherwise, passionately maintaining they are based on real events. Curiously, one such founding saga claims that Marzians only arrived on the Red Planet after they were expelled from their original home millions of years ago. Forced to wander the stars for decades, the Marzians of those far off days thought all to be lost until they discovered an uninhabited world they promptly named Marz in their own honor. At first it was tough to colonize, but eventually they conquered all (so the story goes) and began to prosper on what became known as the Red Paradise (even if it is, in reality,  more of a dark pink).


Whatever brought the Marzians to Marz they have made it completely their own. A flawless world many strive to defend from all threats be they foreign or domestic. Who are we kidding? Actually, by-and-large, 99% of them are completely chill, easy-going and not bothered about most things.  Their purest joy is the humor of humanz and they now love to laugh more than anything else! Admittedly, this is usually AT the humanz, but, thanks to social media, lately it is also WITH the humanz too. 

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