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The inhabitants of Marz live a heck of a long time and are so advanced that they can literally do anything they put their minds to. Operating as one collective force,  Marzians  focus on the energy of one another as a means of guiding themselves forward each day. An attitude and technique that is incorporated into all of their decisions. Interestingly, as a species Marzians have no established religion, but that does not mean spirituality is entirely absent from their soul.  If the truth be known they’re dreamers who, in-between bouts of  Kuiper Belt Surfing, adore nothing more than wondering, ‘what does it all mean?’


Endlessly creative and curious they live for many hundreds of years, and like humanz, keeping them entertained all comes down to their dreams, desires and imaginations. On Marz you cannot retire until you are over 80 (centuries that is), which is why tapping into the humanz world and lifestyle choices is a non-stop source of inspiration that keeps them moving forward and evolving. Marzians can never get enough of Urth’s philosophy, science, music and art, because they insist on always staying ahead of we humanz. A mindset inflamed by the sure knowledge that one day we’ll set foot on their planet. The fact is, without Urth they’d have far less to gossip about – but not everyone on Marz is worried. Some are even preparing to welcome humanz (when we eventually arrive), and plan with enthusiasm a big music and dance party all to say, ‘hello Humanz.’ However, there are those who possess a less than positive attitude and intend to delay, trick and deceive anyone trying to reach Marz and to do so for as long as possible. 


Despite having access to almost unlimited energy and the highest technology, because they live under the cover of shields and often beneath the ground itself, Marzians discourage waste and mess of any kind. A wonderful bi-product of which is the surface of the Red Planet itself. A pristine, global-sized ‘garden’, where every single stone is placed exactly where it should be (unless some pesky Humanz Rover knocks one over that is). To camouflage their existence  Marzians can, at will,  ‘adjust’ the surface topography of their planet. A useful technology, especially now  there are evermore powerful ‘eyes’ observing Marz from Urth. This has become a bit of a game to many Marzians who delight in fooling those Humanz searching for ‘life on Marz’. 


Marzians take great pride in their largely unpolluted planet that is able to sustain beautiful, well maintained cities, each purposely designed to make living there a pleasurable experience. With more than enough food and warmth your average Marzian has literally nothing to get annoyed about – well, almost. Amazingly,  some still manage to find  a reason, no matter how lame, to be unhappy about something. Although, it has to be said, there are forces impacting on the ‘group psyche’ of the people that do agitate more than a few. For instance, those who study the behaviour of humanz often begin to exhibit humanistic traits themselves –  including ‘Urthly’ emotions – a development that effects the collective energies of the Marzian population causing  an evolving shift in their  perspectives. 

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