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Marzians remain unknown to all other species within their solar-system (aka us).  Some might be tempted to call them Insular – but few would ever doubt  how inventive they can be. Almost childlike, the inhabitants of the Red Planet view the universe with a mixture of wonder and amusement, while never losing sight of the fact that it is hard science which allows them to flourish as they do. For example, having lived underground for millennia, it was decided to manipulate the genetic make-up of the Marzian race in order to become  physically adapted to the subterranean environment they call home. Now the Marzians can morph their metabolism to suit whatever chemistry surrounds them ensuring that, as a species, their future is secure.


The Marzians have also used this science to encourage a host of other lifeforms to blossom on their world. Yes – Marz may not have the same diversity of species seen on Urth – but Marzians still take fierce pride in their mountain sized monuments (invisible to the human eye), huge extinct volcanoes and massive crevasses so large they make Urth’s Grand Canyon look like a tire rut running across a muddy field.


Today, after millions of mostly uneventful years, much of the Marzian populace feels safe and secure on their seemingly barren, reddish pink, storm-swept world. Sadly, as has already been indicated, there are those who are a wee-bit conflicted. Amazingly, amongst a sea of fun-loving souls a small, but growing number of agitators, fearfully predict a dark future for Marz developing a new emotion called FEAR, something that they never felt before…..another sign that URTH and the humanz themselves are starting to wear down and influence more than a few or our Marzian friends. 


Their closest neighbor – Urth (which takes 7 minutes to get to if you catch the 166 Interplanetary Bus from Phobos) has a growing number of Humanz who seem hell-bent on getting to Marz no matter what.  The ruling government on the Red Planet, as you now know, keeps a tight observation on Urth. Largely due to the fact that, having so few real threats to deal with, they may as well make a mountain out of the backward mole-hill next door. After all, no one likes a distraction more than a Marzian, who love to plot and plan their next trickery or communication with the unsuspecting humanz of URTH.

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