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ZeeZee is part of the MASA team purely on the basis of her incredible fashion designs.  She designs everything from Government mandated clothing and accessories, to Marzian disguises while visiting URTH, to the latest fashions and trends found on the 2nd layer in our shops for all to wear. ZeeZee is the owner and director of ZeeZee fashions and is Roobi’s lifelong friend who always asks her to design her clothes based on all social media trends that she admires.  In fact, she makes so many beautiful designs, you’ll be wanting to get your own piece of ZeeZee fashions soon!



For years Anker  worked on Marz as a reporter tackling such amazingly interesting stories as the opening of a new drinking fountain in the capital city or who had recently stubbed their toe and required a hospital visit. This all changed when Anker volunteered and was accepted to be an Urth based reporter. Phew – he is in for a bumpy ride – because working on Urth will not be the same as telling the Marzian people who has just been voted ‘Weather Reporter of the Year’. He is funny and intense, but why he requested this assignment is a bit of a mystery. What isn’t is what MASA expects Anker to do when he is there, as he’s been given very specific targets. Whether he will do as he is told is another matter, as he tends to go off of his own ideas at times.  His disguise will hopefully allow him to blend in on URTH amongst the Humanz, but we shall see if he can keep a low profile and just simply do his job!

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